What exactly is branding? What branding represents?
Read this article and discover everything you need to know!

What is Branding?

Branding is the way you build and develop a professional image of your business company in your clientele’s eyes.
By establishing an online presence and by creating a website that describes who you are and what you offer, selecting specific corporate colors that will be related with your company, designing ads that promote your products and services, creating a logo, and using it across all your social media networks, you are branding your business company. In other words, you are shaping how and what customer’s perceptions of your company are.

You need to listen what your customers have to say about your business and your brand because that is the reality and not what you would like them to think. The first impression or emotion that pops into their heads when they see or hear your company’s name. The impression is a feeling based on their experience they have had with your business – good or bad!

The purpose of branding is to help your clientele understand what type of products and services you offer, the quality of those goods or services, and how you are different than the competition. Branding is not only a unique selling proposition or USP but a combination of all the ways you use to communicate and explain exactly what you stand for.

Besides through your logo and corporate colors, you can feature your brand message through the products you carry, your store atmosphere and environment, how your employees treat customers, the price you charge, how your employees dress, public relations, product packaging, direct mail, public speaking, advertising, sponsorships, non-profit organisations, and etc.

How to Build a Brand?

If your business company does not have a stable or consistent brand or you don’t like your current brand, it is time to build a brand or to rebrand.

Here are few helpful tips that will help you build a brand:

  • Determine what your customers love about your business? What are your strengths, what makes you different, what makes you stand out?
  • You need to create a brand message that discloses what your business company aims to do for the audience of customers. For example, Marriott promises luxury, Geico promises to save 15% in 15 minutes, and etc. You need to determine what your promises are and are those promises delivered!
  • You need to ensure your visual elements match your brand and your message. For instance, if you are promising innovation and creativity, you shouldn’t use boring or grey colors.
  • Use your visuals across every ad or marketing tool you use, from store displays to advertising to mailings to signage to shopping bags.
  • You need to develop proper standards for employee behavior and a dress code that support your business and brand promise. First, you need to make sure you completely understand what your brand is and how you can support it!

Remember, branding is a long and complicated process. Its failure or success is usually determined by the reactions of your customers and the act of cooperating and doing business with you. You need a clear plan that will help you build a successful brand. If needed, you can consult with professionals who can help you build a brand out from scratch. There is no room for mistakes as the competition in the business world is fierce! You need to show your customers you know exactly what you are doing!

Stay original, innovative and yet simple! Stick to customer’s needs! For more encyclopedia terms click here! Good luck!